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FIDO, “The Watchdog of Fraser Island”, aims to ensure the wisest use of Fraser Islandís natural resources.


Laura Simmons, FIDO Weeding Coordinator at weeds at or on 0439 064 996.


Photos of the August 2010 Weeding Trip
Photos of the April 2010 Weeding Trip
Invitation to next trip - 29 November to 10 December 2008
Weeding Project Update - August 2007
Happy Valley plant species list
Photos of Weeding Trips and weeding signs being installed

What's a weed?

Any plant that does not belong. We're mainly concerned here with invasive weeds - garden escapees that are marching into the bush.
The most common weeds on Fraser Island include Easter Cassia, Singapore Daisy and Asparagus vines.

Singapore Daisy

Easter Cassia

Asparagus Fern

How did they get there?

Almost all were deliberately bought to the Island as garden plants, often many years ago before their impacts were recognised; the seeds of these plants are spread by Wind and birds. Some weeds are spread from cuttings so garden waste should go in the bin, not the bush.

How can we identify them and how to we remove them?

Weed Control of Fraser Island is a booklet series produced by the Fraser Coast Regional Council in conjunction with FIDO.
They cover identification and control of weeds and suggested plants to replace weeds.
You don't need to use sprays or heavy machinery. In fact, hand weeding is the best way to bring back the bush and beat back the bad guys.

Guidelines for residents of Happy Valley and Orchid Beach 2Mb PDF
Guidelines for residents of Eurong 1Mb PDF

If residents and managers can only help in one way it would by not to throw your garden waste anywhere other than in the industrial bins provided.

Other easy jobs for residents and regular visitors include keeping an eye on weeds to report their spread, replacing weeds in the garden with Council recommended native species or even taking over care of a small patch of bush - with expert help in what to do provided!

Photo Diary of the fourth Happy Valley Weeding Bee June 2007
Photo Diary of the Third 2006 Happy Valley Weeding bee
Photo Diary of the First 2006 Happy Valley Weeding expedition
Weeders Diary for Eurong - October 2005
Information for Happy Valley residents and visitors
Information for Maryborough City Council/Eurong Residents
DNR Weed Information
More weed information

How can I help?

FIDO runs a number of weeding bees to Fraser Island. There concentrate on the townships of Eurong and Happy Valley. As the older townships they have the most established weeds. Other groups are doing great work at Sandy Cape Lighthouse, the FINIA Weeds Officer and the EPA is Rangers are working on weeds too.

The weeding bees usually run for either one week or two. During the days in between volunteers will spend anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day weeding. This depends on trip duration, fitness, weather, type of work etc. This is usually done in the morning and or in afternoon sessions. That leaves time for half day trips to places of interest. Longer weeding bees feature a full day off somewhere in the middle.

What techniques are used?

We generally use the Bradley Method slightly modified according to the circumstances. FIDO does NOT spray poisons (herbicides). If the situation requires it, we will 'cut stump' - that is paint poison on a weed just sawn or cut close to the ground. We only pull smaller weeds to avoid disturbing the soil. There are always exceptions and there are a range of tools and weeds to suit most skill and energy levels. Many weeds have to be bagged and disposed of in the rubbish to prevent their spread. Others can be left on the ground or arranged on site so they won't sprout. The use of the Bradley Method for removing weed infestations has been very successful in Happy Valley to date. A great amount of regeneration has occurred in some areas. See the before and after pictures below: Cassia Gully
Before weed removal
March 2006 Before removal of Cassia

March 2008 After regeneration

What weeds?

The constant enemies are Easter Cassia and Asparagus Fern. Others from the Council books listed above are frequently encountered.

What's in it for me

The weeding is very rewarding and prevents these garden escapees getting out into the national park. The weeding sites are in the townships. We usually stay in fully equipped holiday cottages. Think clean and cosy, not luxury. Think solar power and low water pressure rather than Hilton or Marriot. There is a shop, restaurant and bar in each town. The weeders will be transported, accommodated and fed. FIDO is looking for a contribution per person to help cover your food and accomodation costs for the week. Weeders also get to assist with the cooking, cleaning, washing up and other regular household chores. BYO - Grog, medicines, specialised food.

Each day there will be a short sightseeing trip to a nearby place of interest - Lakes, creeks, wrecks, sand dunes, forests - with an expert guide with years of experience on the Island. Swimming opportunities are a priority in warmer weather. You will be given an insight into how the Island and all its fabulous features were made. Birdwatching and photography will be well catered for. All participants will receive a Fraser Island book before they go so they can read all about the wonders they will be seeing.

FIDO has runs four many of these trips this each year and they are great fun. At times it can beIt's hard work but you see great things, meet nice people and do something worthwhile and immediately visible. You need to bring only your clothes (you must have long pants and long shirts and boots or sturdy shoes plus a water bottle and broad brimmed hat), your own linen and towel. Space is a priority so pack as small a bag as you can. This is a part of a long term co-operative program between the Fraser Coast Regional Council, land owners, EPA/QPWS, FIDO, tour operators and the Burnett Mary Regional Group. There are limited spots on trips due to accommodation and transportation arrangements. First in, best dressed.

When's the next one and how to I participate

Trips are planned in November and December 2008 depending on several factors.

Email us and register your interest - send your message to weeds at (replacing the at with an @ of course and with no spaces)

FIDO gratefully acknowledges the effort of Eurong Resort, NPWS/EPA, BMRG, Greening Australia and both Councils in supporting this initiative. We also value the work of other groups working in other areas to keep the Island's weeds at bay.
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