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FIDO, “The Watchdog of Fraser Island”, aims to ensure the wisest use of Fraser Islandís natural resources.


BulletMoonbi 131 Oct 2015 - 989kb

BulletBackgrounder 72 Archaeological Legacy

BulletBackgrounder 73 Balarrgan

BulletFIDO President's 2014-15 Annual Report 85k Aug 2015

BulletBush Regen Diary July 2015 1.1Mb Jul 2015

BulletSand Sea and Sun Conference Outline

BulletSSS Conference Flyer

BulletProgram 2015 Fraser Island Conference 2015 SSS

BulletBush Regeneration Diary Eurong May 2015 May 2015 - 1Mb

BulletMoonbi 131 Mar 2015 - 679kb

Bullet70 Fraser Island Marine Debris BackgrounderMar 2015

Bullet71 Balarrgan BackgrounderMar 2015

BulletBush Regen Diary Eurong February 2015 Feb 2015 - 1Mb

BulletThe Super Team Kids Story Oct 2014 101kb

BulletWorking Bee Diary - George Haddock Track Oct 2014 1.2Mb

BulletMoonbi 130 Sep 2014 1Mb

BulletFIDO President 2014 Annual Report Sep 2014 1Mb

Bullet68 Dilli Village History Backgrounder

Bullet69 Fisheries andSeabirds Backgrounder

BulletFL's Great Bush Bash Diary

BulletDiary GHT June 2014

BulletDiary for Fraser Island Bush Regeneration Week February 2014

Bullet2014 Japanese World Heritage Sites

BulletDiary for Working Bee to start the George Haddock Track March 2014

BulletMoonbi 129

BulletDiary FI Bush Regen & Monitoring Sep 2013 1Mb Oct 2013

BulletThe Last Easter Cassia A childrens story by John Sinclair October 2013 - 463k

BulletFI Sediment Monitoring Data.xls 45k Excel Oct 2013

BulletMoonbi 128 1.1Mb Sep 2013

Bullet63 Yarong to Eurong

Bullet64 Happy Valley rises from the Depression

BulletThe Rapporteur Wrap for FIDO's Natural Lab Conference

BulletProgram for FIDO's Natural Lab Conference PDF 455kb

BulletProgram for FIDO's Natural Lab Conference PDF 455kb

BulletFlyer for FIDO's 2013 Natural Laboratory Conference  Colour PDF 1.8Mb or simple PDF 152kb

BulletEIS for the George Haddock Track 2012  PDF 6Mb

BulletDiary for FIDO Bush Regeneration and Monitoring 21st to 27th April 2012  PDF 428k

BulletSpotto Easter Cassia  PDF 218kb (A childrens story on weeding)

BulletLMKB Photo Monitoring Project Sediment Monitoring Sites   PDF 870kb

BulletFIDO Sediment Monitoring Sites   PDF 1Mb

BulletFIDO Bush Regen Diary for March 2013 600k March 2013

BulletMoonbi 127 2.3Mb Feb 2013

Bullet59 History World Heritage for Cooloola

Bullet60 Wind on Fraser Island Lakes

BulletFebruary 2013 Weeding Diary 150kb Feb 2013

BulletDiary for Eurong Bush Regeneration 11-12 Week   PDF 379kMb

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